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X400PRO Edition 3D Printer

De 3D printer die geschikt is voor gebruikers die meer eisen hebben aan hun machine.
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X500 3D printer

Sturdy steel frame, new extruder technology and heated building chamber Robust 3D printer for industrial use The X500 is the answer to the current demand on the market and offers in addition to the large construction volume of 500 x 400 x 475 (XxYxZ) millimeters further innovations which are the focus of the requirements of industrial use. With its steel frame and a total weight of approx. 170 kg, the machine offers an extremely high stability. A new extruder technology makes it possible to process future material developments precisely. The cooling circuit allows a stable process even at maximum building chamber temperature.
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Sliding Rail Kit

MAKE YOUR ROBOT GO FURTHER Nog 1 meter meer werkbereik dit biedt u eindeloze meer mogelijkheden! Met de schuifrailkit kan de werkruimte van Dobot Magician volledig worden uitgebreid. Hiermee kunnen uw opgegeven taken grootschaliger worden uitvoeren, zoals over grote afstanden pick en place, grotere schrijf-, tekening- of lasergravuur mogelijkheden.
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ProMaker P1000

KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS INDUSTRIAL PERFORMANCE MADE ACCESSIBLE The ProMaker P1000 offers industrial performance and high precision in a compact footprint with a 300 x 300 x 300 mm (11 x 11 x 11 in) build platform. Optimized mechanical properties: its ten-zone heating system with intelligent temperature control delivers superior, more consistent mechanical properties across the part bed and process repeatability on a wider range of premium materials High-precision 3D printed parts: the ProMaker P Series machines provide unique levels of precision and superior surface finish, made possible by a fine laser beam and a digital galvo scanning system Large portfolio of 3D printing materials: Prodways offers a large range of premium powders, including some with medical and aeronautic certifications, with high powder recyclability rates, saving up to 40% in material consumption per year Open materials strategy: our customers can enjoy the freedom to operate the material they need for their application on our full range of printers
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ProMaker P4000 SD

ProMaker P4000 SD HIGH PERFORMANCE AND PRECISION WITH THE BEST THERMAL STABILITY The ProMaker P4000 SD is designed to provide industrial production capabilities for functional prototypes and rapid manufacturing. It offers the largest effective build platforms in its category, high precision, accuracy and the best-in-class thermal stability to deliver sharp, crisp details and optimized mechanical properties.
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ProMaker P4000 X

ProMaker P4000 X HIGH PERFORMANCE AND PRECISION WITH THE BEST THERMAL STABILITY The ProMaker P4000 X offers the fastest scanning speed and highest build rates to meet industrial needs, featuring best-in-class, fully digital scanning technology, high laser power and large effective build platform. This selective laser sintering printer delivers state-of-the-art, industrial production capabilities for functional prototypes and rapid manufacturing.
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