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Photocentric Group | Who We are- Photocentric, Innovators in photopolymer, Manufacturer of 3D Printers, Resins & Clear stamps

Innovators in PhotopolymerWe are a specialist chemical manufacturer of a wide variety of photopolymers that can harden in light from right across the spectrum. We are patent holders in visible light curing technologies and have a core business based on being innovative in photopolymer, for which we received the Queen's Award for Innovation.We are the world leaders in visible light photopolymerisation. The years of research we have undertaken have created a large portfolio of different photocurable resins. Today we are researching into Chlorophyll and other visible light photoinitiators and all types of polymers and their applications.
Industries we operate inExplore our 3D rangeExplore our Craft rangeAs the originator of using LCD screens in 3D printing, we are firm believers that the technology will transform areas of manufacturing, not just 3D printing. We commercialised the first 3D printer based on an LCD screen in 2016 and manufacture the Liquid Crystal range of 3D printers along with 3rd party 3D resins.3D PrintingWe’re the world’s largest and most trusted manufacturer of Photopolymer craft stamps, offering a fantastic service as well as a superior quality product to craft companies around the globe. With an expanding product range, we are now also offering more high-quality custom craft products to give our customers more choice, with versatile products such as craft Stencils and Dies.CraftOffice StampsIn 2002 we created the world’s first photopolymer pack for stamp making. Over the years we have developed it into the most efficient way to make polymer stamps possible. We called it imagepac and this self-contained, ready-to use pouch has revolutionised stamp making over the last 15 years.Discover imagepac


We intend to change 3D printing for the better by providing parts that can actually be used industrially. This means made in scale, made at industrially acceptable prices and delivering durable properties. Our aim is to provide a disruptive alternative method of manufacture for plastic, ceramic and metal parts. We don’t aim to compete with existing 3D Printing companies, but to provide alternatives to conventional methods of manufacture.Our Vision


Innovation is in our DNA. We have always believed that there is a better way to make products. From right back in 2002 when we started the business, we believed that we could make a disruptive product to improve the manufacture of stamps. That product was imagepac, and over the years we optimised it to become the most efficient way to make craft and business stamps. Today we focus our innovation in numerous areas of photopolymerisation in the field of 3D Printing.Innovation


We have over 20 scientists now involved in research in a vibrant open planned research floor where chemists mingle with engineers. Here, we create an environment where new ideas can thrive and become radically different products, as we develop the 3D printers of tomorrow.ResearchExplore our research projects
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LC Dental

LC Dental Geavanceerde technologie voor snel, nauwkeurig en betrouwbaar UV-printen 'S Werelds eerste op maat gemaakte monochrome 3D-printer met LCD-scherm, speciaal ontwikkeld voor tandheelkundige professionals. Door het gebruik van geavanceerde monochrome schermen in combinatie met het gepatenteerde 'twin lift peel'-systeem kan LC Dental extreem hoge productiviteit leveren voor tandheelkundige en orthodontische laboratoria.
€ 7999.00 incl tax excluding shipping

LC Magna

Waarom kiezen tussen een groot bouwvolume en een hoge nauwkeurigheid. Wanneer je ze allebei kunt krijgen? LC Magna levert de ideale combinatie van een groot bouwvolume met hoge 3d Print nauwkeurig , waardoor het de juiste productiemethode voor massaproductie kan zijn.
€ 21772.74 incl tax excluding shipping