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Sliding Rail Kit

MAKE YOUR ROBOT GO FURTHER Nog 1 meter meer werkbereik dit biedt u eindeloze meer mogelijkheden! Met de schuifrailkit kan de werkruimte van Dobot Magician volledig worden uitgebreid. Hiermee kunnen uw opgegeven taken grootschaliger worden uitvoeren, zoals over grote afstanden pick en place, grotere schrijf-, tekening- of lasergravuur mogelijkheden.
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Dobot Magician

DOBOT Magician All-in-One Robot for Education or other.
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ZW3D Software

ZW3D Planning
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X500 3D printer

Sturdy steel frame, new extruder technology and heated building chamber Robust 3D printer for industrial use The X500 is the answer to the current demand on the market and offers in addition to the large construction volume of 500 x 400 x 475 (XxYxZ) millimeters further innovations which are the focus of the requirements of industrial use. With its steel frame and a total weight of approx. 170 kg, the machine offers an extremely high stability. A new extruder technology makes it possible to process future material developments precisely. The cooling circuit allows a stable process even at maximum building chamber temperature.
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X400 v4 3D-Printer

Industrial Open Platform 3D Printing The X400 v4 was developed and manufactured in Germany. It impresses with precision, speed and its optimum build platform for additive production of large objects as well as small series with industrial quality. The X400 v4 scores above all due to its high running stability. New features like the filament tracking system, the electronics adapted to the demanding user and a new ventilation concept make the X400 v4 an even better 3D printer of the X400 series. High-quality components with low-play actuators and milled metal elements ensure high process reliability and deliver a machine with industrial quality.
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Het vlaggenschip van de befaamde UP-serie 3D-printers, De UP BOX + heeft het grootste bouw volume van 255x205x205mm, 3D printen met een laagdikte van 100 micron, 30% sneller dan UP Plus 2, uitgerust met volledig automatisch kalibreren van het bouwplateau, HEPA luchtfilter en LED-licht bar. Ontworpen voor kantoren , ateliers, workshops, hackerspaces etc. De UP BOX is uw eerste keus voor de aanschaf van een professionele desktop 3D-printer.
€ 2299.00 incl tax excluding shipping