E3D Nozzle 0.25mm for 1.75 mm filament

E3D Nozzle 0.25mm for 1.75 mm filament
Fabrikant: German RepRap
Artikelnummer:: 100522
€ 25,00 incl. BTW
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E3D nozzle, hardened steel, for German RepRap DD3 extruder, 0.25 mm diameter

Suitable for 1.75 mm filaments

E3D hardened steel nozzles are recommended for strong abrasive filaments like Carbon20. These nozzles are incredibly wear-resistant due to thermal and chemical treatments. A standard brass nozzle will be significantly worn by printing with carbon fibre filaments and therefore have just a very, very limited life-span.

Suitable for German RepRap 3D printer models X1000, X350, X400 with DD3 Extruder