Carbon20 Filament 750g 1,75mm

Carbon20 Filament 750g 1,75mm
Manufacturer part number: 100490
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Carbon20 filament,750 g, 1.75 mm on a reel, black matt

Fiber reinforced 3D printer filaments are suitable for rigid functional proodotypes, such as for the automotive industry or for mold construction.

The new Carbon20 3D printer filament contains 20 percent carbon fiber.

Technical properties:

  • High flex modulus, 6.2 GPa (899234 psi)
  • Low stretch at breaking point (8 - 10%)
  • High glass transition temperature (approx. 80°)
  • High dimensional accuracy and low distortion
  • Styrene free (low odor)
  • Color: black (matt)
  • Printing temperature (tested on X400 3D Printer): 252°C / 485.6°F
  • Bed temperature (tested on X400 3D Printer and w/ PET coating): 45°C / 113°F

Carbon20 can be printed both with the DD2 extruder as well as the DD3 extruder and brass nozzles.

Due to the abrasive effect of fiber reinforced elements such as Carbon20, it is recommended to use hardened steel nozzles.

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