1kg UV LCD Hard Black Resin

Rigid prototyping resin with crisp details, high stiffness and hardness. Parts printed with this resin won’t deform when pressure is applied. Key Features: • Durable • Rigid and strong • High print accuracy Applications: • Prototyping •Engineering Compatible Printers: Compatible with UV LCD printers such as LC Dental, Anycubic, Wanhao, Phrozen, Sparkmaker, Kudo Bean and more.
Manufacturer: PhotoCentric Group
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UV Resin Layer Exposure


This guide will assist you in establishing a layer exposure time for a desired resin and layer thickness based on the characteristics of Photocentric’s UV Resin range and your UV 3D printer.

Each resin requires a specific energy to cure a certain layer thickness. ‘Energy’ is defined by multiplying ‘light output intensity’ of your printer and a ‘given time of exposure’. The equation below simply explains the matter:

Energy [mJ/cm²]= Light Output Intensity [mW/cm²] x Exposure Time [s]

Your UV 3D printer manufacturer will provide you with light output intensity value.


For this example, we will look to establish the exposure time for a 100 µm layer with Durable UV80. The energy required for this is 12.1 mJ/cm². and the chosen UV 3D printer has a light output intensity of 6.2 mW/cm².

So, to calculate the exposure time, divide the Energy by the light output intensity:

12.1 ÷ 6.2 ≈ 2.0 s